What to Pack for a City Break

Spring is my favourite time to book cheap flights to Europe and head on a city break! With Easter and St. Patricks Day approaching I have a feeling lots of you may be heading away but even if you don't, these pieces can still be worked into anyone's wardrobe. It may be snowing right now but I'm thinking about sunnier climates, most European cities will start to heat up in spring but can still be cool in the evening. Unless I'm heading away for a longer period of time, I never check a suitcase in so I like to consider myself a master packer. If there is one thing that will make your life easier when putting together your outfits it's to make a Pinterest board or an album on your phone with your outfits in it. From head to toe including jewellery I like to plan my outfits for each day so I not only know exactly what I need to pack, but also what I'm wearing when I arrive.

For the purpose of this blog I am going to imagine I am heading away for a weekend in which I will be walking around sightseeing perhaps, shopping maybe and then out to dinners and perhaps a bar one of the evenings. In my mind I know I need to take three daytime outfits and two evening looks. If I know that one of the evenings I will probably be going somewhere casual for dinner I might just wear what I wore that day or just change my top but either way, I need to decide and only pack what I need as I never pack options. 

Daytime looks for city breaks usually mean jeans and a top for me two of the days and maybe a day dress on the third. I know I need comfortable shoes that I can walk everywhere in, this means either trainers or leather flats, cheap plastic shoes will rub and give you blisters when walking all day in them. Similarly, sandals offer little support to your feet and as cities can be filthy your feet soon become so too. See the outfits I put together below and how I mix and match pieces to prevent having to pack more than necessary.

Day 1: I love boyfriend or mom fit jeans for daytime, not only are they on-trend but they're super comfy too. Roll them up to show off your ankles for a more flattering fit. I have both pairs below, the Levis are definitely better quality but I've listed a more affordable option if you'd like to just dip your toe in first. This top is so cute and comes in pink or blue, both would work well with the jeans and the white loafters. Finish the look off with white sunnies and you're insta ready!

Evening 1:  Jeans and a nice top, as they say, pair with ankle boots for a smart casual look in a restaurant you stumble into because the pasta looks good. 

Day 2: Same thing as yesterday, jeans and a cute top with either flats or your ankle boots. 

Evening 2: If we go on a city break we usually go somewhere dressy at least one of the evenings so I pack one "going out" outfit. A dress or jumpsuit will take up less space than a skirt and top. 

Day 3: Rewear a pair of the two styles of jeans you packed and pair with a clean top and either your flat loafers or ankle boots if you've finished sightseeing and might just be heading for a chilled lunch. 

As you can see here, in total I would have packed seven items of clothing. Two pairs of jeans but you could cut down to one if need be. I also packed four tops and a dress and in total would have three pairs of shoes with me, two of which I would need to pack as one pair I would be wearing. Jewellery and sunglasses can make your outfit so pack pieces you can swap between looks, the same with belts. I find if I keep everything tonal and plan similar coloured clothing for each look it's much easier to mix and match accessories and if I need to only take one coat that will go with everything. You can see I chose a mix of blues, whites and pinks that all work together for this "weekend" look book. 

Whether you're heading away or not, I hope you guys like some of these pieces as much as I do. Happy travelling!