What to Wear to a Spring/Summer Wedding

Finding an outfit to wear to a wedding can be stressful, especially if you don't really know anyone else going and can't consult with your friends about what they're wearing too. The first place to start is always the invitation, proper etiquette will always state a dress code. The dress code is important as it will determine not only the length of your dress but also the style you should opt for too.

Let's start with the most formal, White Tie. White Tie is as dressy as it gets and a long formal gown is required. Black Tie, on the other hand, can lend itself to either a long gown or a midi dress but never above the knee. Cocktail or Formal, to me, means you can either wear a long maxi that's perhaps flowy but not quite a ball gown, or a midi dress, jumpsuit or skirt and top. In my opinion, Casual or Beach Attire is the only time I would deem a short mini dress appropriate for a wedding. This is especially important if there is a church ceremony involved, bare in mind you must have your knees covered in most churches to be allowed in. A wedding is a special affair that the bride and groom have more than likely put a large amount of effort in to, your ensemble should where possible respectfully reflect this, no matter your budget make an effort. Had someone turned up to my wedding in a tight plunging playsuit heads may have rolled. Just saying. 

I personally love any excuse to dress up in a floaty maxi dress so that tends to be my go to but if you're not comfortable wearing long, go for a midi as a safe bet! It's also worth noting weddings can be long, very long actually, with lots of food and drink involved. Wear something comfortable that you can breathe and relax in. Don't wear something you may be conscious of your chest in and end up sitting opposite a stranger at a table, suddenly attempting to use your napkin to cover your girls in some kind of bib fashion.

Here are my top picks for the season ahead with options to suit all budgets and dress codes! Oh, and one last thing, shades of beige, cream, white and ivory are never ok.