What I bought in the Christmas Sales!

Hey guys, sorry I have been quiet on the blogging front recently but I had a crazy few weeks with work and all of the festivities! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas wherever you were! I spent mine at home in my parents house, Will was back in the UK...our last Christmas apart! I thought I would share with you what I ordered online in the sales this year. I was going to wait and show you when it arrives but I figure it may all be sold out by then. Sorry if any of it is already! I generally order bits I think I'll wear between now and spring but I also grabbed a few pieces for when it starts to warm up. I'll write the names of each piece as they appear on the sites along with their reference codes as some of them are gone from online already, they may still be in shops though! Happy Shopping!

Let's start with the mothership...Zara.

Sweater with A Roll Neck, €14.99  REF. 3859/132

Sweater with A Roll Neck, €14.99 REF. 3859/132

I love this colour as it warms up the complexion and think this will be perfect with black skinnys or leather trousers! 

Basic Color Scarf €7.99 in taupe REF;  4219/229

Basic Color Scarf €7.99 in taupe REF; 4219/229

I like having basic linen scarves in my wardrobe to dress up plain t-shirts or add a little warmth in spring when you are still a little chilly without a jacket or sweater. Zara do great ones as they're nice and long!

Long Tube Dress €25.99  REF. 5646/108

Long Tube Dress €25.99 REF. 5646/108

I love dresses this length, they create a beautiful silhouette and are super comfy to wear. I also adore anything that comes in grey as you may have noticed by now! 

Polo Neck Sweater €17.99  REF. 6771/124

Polo Neck Sweater €17.99 REF. 6771/124

I plan on wearing this over a white poplin shirt or maybe with a high wasted skirt... I'm not 100% on it but if it's not right at least it can go back!  

Mid Rise Coated Jeans €25.99 REF. 7147/223

Mid Rise Coated Jeans €25.99 REF. 7147/223

I needed new black jeans and had been looking for a nice pair with rips that weren't too distressed and also weren't too black! I like that these are faded slightly and I love the zip detail on the ankle too!

Tie Up Leather Ballerinas €29.99  REF. 6444/001

Tie Up Leather Ballerinas €29.99 REF. 6444/001

I actually have a pair of these already and I adore them, I bought them in Spain in October. I grabbed a back up when they went on sale as I know I'll wear them to death in the spring! 

Grey sweatshirt €17.99  REF. 0264/581

Grey sweatshirt €17.99 REF. 0264/581

I live in grey high neck jumpers, you can never have too many. 

Stripes and Poplin t-Shirt €9.99   REF. 0264/274

Stripes and Poplin t-Shirt €9.99  REF. 0264/274

I love stripes, I think they look so fresh and chic. I also love that the bottom of this T is poplin, a shirt like material which will give it a little more shape. Perfect for spring!

Mango is my second favourite shop so I also purchased a few bits from them! Their sale is always amazing. I am dying for the day they open a proper shop in Dundrum, anyone who has been to a Mango in Spain knows the selection in House Of Fraser does not do it justice! 

Fine Knit Sweater €29.99 RE F. 53060408

Fine Knit Sweater €29.99 REF. 53060408

I love having fine knits in my wardrobe to layer as it comes into spring and pale grey is super fresh looking. They're also a great one to throw in your bag while flying incase you get cold onboard as they take up such little space in your handbag! 

Braided Cord Blouse €29.95 REF. 53073020

Braided Cord Blouse €29.95 REF. 53073020

This looks so comfy and I know I'll wear this in the summer when I'm brown, I love white tops with blue jeans, something simple but fresh.

Flowy Blouse €24.95 R EF. 51075522

Flowy Blouse €24.95 REF. 51075522

I could easily wear this at this time of year with leather pants as I could in the summer with ripped skinny jeans or tucked into a skirt as shown. If I'm wearing something low cut I like it to be loose and flowy rather than poured onto me, sexy but still chic! 

Flecked Cotton Blend Sweater €29.95  REF. 53007659

Flecked Cotton Blend Sweater €29.95 REF. 53007659

I think I'll wear this with a white shirt peaking out underneath and grey ripped skinnys but I'll need to try it on, I'm worried it could be short and too boxy...we shall see. I love the black band!

Metallic Finish Sweater €29.95 R EF. 53045693

Metallic Finish Sweater €29.95 REF. 53045693

I love metallics and I'm hoping this will be beautiful in person as it looks online. I think this would look fab in spring with white jeans too! I somehow managed to order 2 of these on Christmas day as I was doing my shopping so one will have to go back... hot port and online shopping do not mix!

I hope you guys can find some of these bits if you're after them, I know some of them are still available online! I hope everyone has a very happy New Year and let me know what you'd like to see next! Jodie xx