Mother's Day Gift Guide

Hi everyone, I know buying for our mums can be tricky so I wanted to put together a little list of gift ideas for your special lady this Sunday. If your mum is anything like mine she deserves a Mother's day once a week so the least we can do is spoil them once a year! I've included options for all budgets so there should be something for everybody, hope you find it helpful!

Heavenly Necklaces Blue Topaz Collection

Heavenly Necklaces Blue Topaz Collection

Gift Ideas Under €20

  • A Mini Manicure or Pedicure; I know most women love getting pampered but not everyone will spend their own cash having their nails done. Grab your mum a voucher from your local salon for a file and paint and it should come in at under €20, upgrade her to a deluxe mani/pedi and she'll love you forever!
  • A Trip to the Cinema; when was the last time you and your mum caught a movie? No time like the present since Beauty and the Beast has just hit screens, I bet she played you the original as a child! Especially if you're a student on a budget, a discounted ticket has your name on it!
  • House Chore/ Massage Vouchers; Back when I was a child I used to make my mum mini voucher booklets containing tickets for "hoovering" or a "back massage", if you are seriously tight on cash you could do the same, it's the thought that counts!
  • Garden Plants; can't afford a bouquet of roses? Did you know you could buy your mum a potted rose that she'll have for ever for under €15? Same goes for most of the popular plants we pay a fortune for cut. If she loves her garden then why not pick her up some plants, it's the perfect time of year to get growing! 

Gifts under €50

  • Jewellery; What woman doesn't love jewellery! offer an amazing range of imitation jewellery that will have your mum sparkling for days, I love their solitaire pendants and have one myself. They also have a beautiful range of really unusual gem stone pieces if your mum has quirky taste. Check them out with prices to suit all budgets!
  • Afternoon Tea for 2; I love afternoon tea, it's such a lovely experience and is always such a nice treat to mark an occasion. Afternoon tea in in a 5star hotel will run you close to €100 but the Fern House Cafe in Avoca Kilmacanogue have now started offering Afternoon Tea at €25 per person, you can even add prosecco for an extra €7. Truly one of the most beautiful rooms to dine in, your mum would be seriously impressed!

  • A Trip to The Hairdresser; this one definitely won't go to waste. Find out where your mum gets her hair done and buy her a voucher so that she can go and have her blow dry done for free or put the value towards her cut or colour next time. This is an old reliable that is always a safe bet!

  • A Bouquet of Flowers; I'm putting this in the under €50 category as anyone who spends more than that on cut flowers is crazy. Lidl do amazing flowers for under €5 a bunch that you could mix and make your own bunch if you really wanted to impress her. Otherwise I love Joanna Caffery's bouquets, she always has a range of incredible flowers available to suit all budgets!
Afternoon Tea, The Fern House Cafe

Afternoon Tea, The Fern House Cafe


Gifts Under €100

  • A Voucher for a Massage; this is one of my favourite gifts to receive and I know my mum loves them too. A good massage will usually run you between €70-120 depending on the salon but always check if they have an offers on or for example morning rates, they are often less expensive.
  • Take her to Dinner; bring you mum out to lunch or dinner in her favourite restaurant for some quality time. I bet it's usually you plus your dad or siblings whenever you dine out so why not have a girly night just the two of you!
  • A Piece of Clothing; is your mum always coming home from somewhere with something for you not her? If you've got her style sussed why not pick her up something you think she'd feel great in. A cashmere jumper for example from M&S will cost you about €70, not something your mum may spend her own money on but a gorgeous gift to recieve.
Powerscourt ESpa

Powerscourt ESpa


Gifts €100 +

  • A Night Away; the ultimate indulgence why don't you head off on a spa break and relax in a sauna all weekend? My favourite places to go and chill are Powercourt Hotel, The Brooklodge Hotel or Doonbeg Trump International. All three have gorgeous spa's, serve great food and have walks to go on, what more could you ask for!
  • A Beautiful Watch; mums need to tell the time to keep on top of things, why not pick her up a beautiful timepiece she'll have forever. I'm guessing few of us can afford Rolexes, I love Abbott Lyon's watch collection. Their Kensington 34 gold chain link watch is so timeless and chic any one would love it. Their watches start from about €80 and can be found on their website
  • A Cookery Course; this is something I've wanted to do for so long and I know my mum would love it too. Unless your mum hates to cook you should check out Darina Allen's short course list, from sushi making to afternoon tea and cakes, Ballymaloe Cookery School have a huge range of half day courses available that you and your mum could take a trip down to! They even have gluten free healthy eating classes, everyone's covered! Check them out on
Darina Allen, Ballymaloe Cookery School

Darina Allen, Ballymaloe Cookery School

Hope I've pointed you in the right direction but remember Mothers's day is about spending quality time with your mum, granny, aunty or whoever you want to thank for doing such a good job and raising you to be the perfectly shaped human you are today! To all the mums reading this, lap up every second! X